Delta Gemme


Delta Gemme


Delta Gemme, is one of the best machines in the world specialized in the detection of diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry, the device can discrimination between the types of gemstones, and determine the type of gemstone to be searched in advance.



Detection system: Delta Gemme, Works by advanced acoustic Long-Range Locator System
The Specialty: Specializes to detection all types of gemstones: Diamonds – Emerald – Sapphire – All types.
The Depth: Search depth up to 20 meters, the depth of the search can be chosen previously: 1m – 3m – 5m – 10 m – 15 m – 20 m
The Distance: Search distance up to 1000 Meters, the distance of the search can be chosen previously: 10 m – 100 m – 250m – 500 m – 750 m – 1000 m
Search Interface: Displays the search indicator and allows the user to accurately track the target site until you reach it
Determines the depth and location: The depth and location of the target are automatically detected on the screen, graphically and digital
Display Type: It has a high resolution 2.8 “color TFT screen, giving the user precise settings and integrated results about the search process
General settings menu: Allows the user to adjust the following:
  • Adjust the sound at five different levels with silent mode.
  • Adjust the screen brightness: 5 levels.
  • Language settings: German – English – Arabic – French.
  • Set the time: Set the clock timing in the device.
Search settings menu: Allows the user to control and adjust of the following:
  • Search distance that includes your search perimeter.
  • Search depth to be achieved.
  • Target Type to be detected
Keyboard: allows quick control to set the device and navigate through all search options and results.
Power: Internal Li-ion batteries 7.4 volts, Full charge 8.4 volts, 1050 mA
Battery Working Hours: 5 working hours, with the appearance of the battery level on the screen
Device weight: 700 g, (compound)
Device size: 12x8x3 cm
Full package weight: 1300 g
Full Package size: 24x18x8 cm
  • The main unit
  • Movable handle
  • Transceiver antennas
  • Charging adapter
  • Warranty card for 2 years
  • User Guide
  • Instruction disk

To read or download the book, click here


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